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We are a family owned and run business. Keith and Gabby Smith are the proud owners of Wolf Den Leather/Emporium, along with our children Megan, Kathryn, and Sean. We sell renaissance clothing and steel boned corsets, and make and sell our own leather goods. We start by going to different tanneries around the United States to personally pick out the hides we want to use, then we cut the hides to the sizes and shapes we need, emboss the leather ourselves, dye the veggie tanned leather ourselves, and put the product together. We all work together as a family to get stuff done, though we all specialize in a couple different areas to make an assembly line. We first started at flea markets and swap meets in November 2002, and started doing Renaissance Fairs and Highland Games in 2003. We started off with a drop hammer mint making medallions for people, and in 2008 a good friend of ours decided to retire and sold his business Arrow Leather to us. We gave back the drop hammer we were leasing in 2009 and continued Jim and Angie Wood’s leather business under Wolf Den Leather. They moved to Alaska to be with their family and had a storefront with their name, and supplied us with different animal pelts after teaching us all we know. In early 2012, Jim Wood sadly passed away and Angie sold us the rest of the business and product they had in their store. We started with a 10×20 space and before 2015, were at a tight 10×30 space. In 2015, another friend of ours also decided to retire, and sold us their business and the name Golden Fleece. Which is why we are now Wolf Den Emporium, though still go by Wolf Den Leather, Golden Fleece, and WD Ringstamp (Megan and Kathryn’s personalized ring business). We have grown to a comfortable 20×30 space, though some fairs we become a 30×40 space. As we have grown as a business, we have grown as a family. Along with business hardships, there have been some family hardships, but the bad times have made us stronger together. We know we will continue to grow and can withstand any hard times as long as we stick together and work together. We have now earned a large workshop for ourselves and set up inside with two sewing machines, a leather strap cutter, and a hydraulic clicker. Feel free to take a look at our pictures and see what we have to offer. As Keith and Megan say, “We’ll try anything once, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll try again.”

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